Why Tech-know-logy?

Everything about technology, products, books, life, and design—with a tinge of philosophy, mindfulness, and uncanny observations.

A journal of everything I learn, read, observe, and day-dream about—with products, marketing, technology, and mindfulness. There’s more joy in sharing, and even more joy in writing down thoughts. So, if you’d love to think what I think, why don’t you enter the clan?

I promise myself to be consistent with writing and clearing up my mind by closing the 100+ tabs inside. A few tabs may pop up on to you bi-weekly/monthly—not more; hey, I’m good at maintenance.

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Aishwarya Ashok
Building product @ Zoho | Co-Founder, TheProdcast | Maker of onegoodthing.in | Co-Lead, LonePack | Facilitating experiences at Women in Product | Dreaming about products, books and oceans