Everyday psychological nudges that help boost product interaction

The secret ways to increase your users' product interactions based on cognitive and behavioral psychology.

Hey you,

So, I know you’re a product pro—no doubt! Well, let’s rewind to your six-year-old days. Don’t lie to me and yourself, but you’d definitely have done these:

  • Liked ‘choose the best answer’ homework over ‘fill in the blank’ ones.

  • Flipped any possible deck/pile—notebooks, post-its, and playing cards.

  • Did more homework or projects because of the gold star (or the five star!) the teacher gave you.

Little did you know these cognitive instincts will help you later in your product building/marketing/design journey, right? Well, yes!

I’ve written something that I consider very close to what I believe in—the effect of psychology, both cognitive and behavioral, in shaping your customers’ interactions inside your products. It’s not too verbose or off-putting, as you may think.

Why don’t you give it a read?

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Aishwarya Ashok