So, shall we do One Good Thing?

Discover a good thing you can do to brighten up your day

Hey you,

Dealing with uncertainty and helpless guilt during the pandemic time makes it hard to function and process everyday things. As a little step, here's one way to discover one good thing each day and indulge in it to find some motivation.

One Good ThingThis tool is a public curation, so the more you think you can help others find goodness in the little things that worked for you, the more magic it creates. :)

You can also find what others liked doing, and mark some activities as favorites to revisit and try again. Do add your good things and together let's seek solace in simple joys. One good thing awaits...

Discover one good thing

🎉 For all of us to add meaningful and simple things to believe in everyday as well as help many people to engage, I’ve also put this out on Product Hunt. If you like the concept of One Good Thing, I’d be glad if you support it on PH.

One Good Thing - Product Hunt

Thank you, and would love all of you to share your one good thing!

Sending prayers and hope,