The editable digest—a peek into why no-edit Twitter may mean something

The reason behind naming this as ‘the editable digest’ is because it’s a collection of observations that may by far differ from what you have.

Hey you,

‘Do more with less’ is a testament to the beyond-clichéd phrases. But, a product that has taken this statement as a vision is good ol’ Twitter. Well, actually, if you did think that was all, you’re wrong—the beauty of the product lies in its belief to promote free and global conversations. While it took just minutes for most of us to fill in university papers or scrapbooks, there are instances that it took much more time to share some news within 280 characters. Let’s take a moment to thank Twitter for the endless experiences it’s given us—from the years of fancying the verb ‘tweet’ to wondering what to post in our ‘fleets.’ 

Twitter has been in the news very recently for a bunch of fad updates. Just as a kid’s attention goes to something that the mom says never-to-do, we the Twitter users, have one thing reiterating in our minds—will there ever be an ‘edit’ option to this it’s-what’s-happening platform?

And, this week’s pondering, day-dreams, and rants, finally took shape as an article, collectively encompassing the research statements I’ve read over the past (with regards to Twitter). Here’s me taking you into the article, and I’m all ears to know your thoughts.

P.S. This is not me proclaiming there’ll never be an edit option. It’s me trying to give a voice to no-edit Twitter, in understanding why it could be fine in the way it is.

(Image credits - Unsplash)

Have a great weekend!