The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya: Action roadmaps, growth mindset, high performance, entrepreneurship

Ft. Lisa Kostova, Founder of CareerClimb and former Silicon Valley VP. We discuss all around unblocking challenges, looking ahead for framing goals, leveraging your experiences as story, and more

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Often as we build our products, we feel stuck and we are on the constant lookout for the next set of action plans. We seek some form of a structure to help us unblock challenges, understand the benchmark of the market we’re building for, as well as pave the way for personal success too. This conversation is all about that mindset to step forward, with so many practical examples to help us understand.

Lisa Kostova is Founder of CareerClimb, a unique network and development platform for mid-career female professionals in technology, to help them ascend to the top of their field. Lisa spent a decade as VP and senior Product leader in Silicon Valley for a number of consumer and enterprise companies.

When I met Lisa Kostova, I was absolutely interested in the kind of thoughts and mindset shifts she put forward, when it came to regaining focus and setting attainable goals. And this one clip from our conversation is super interesting—to associate with 'identities' and recognize the fact that transitioning to a new role in professional and personal lives will involve accepting to deal with that identity shift.


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Lisa and I discuss about:

  • Lisa's entry into the product space & working through different verticals

  • Moving into entrepreneurship: baby-steps vs giant leap

  • The power of identities: The mindset shift to adapt

  • Forming a relationship with your future self

  • Setting up actionable roadmaps and what's it like to do that

  • The role of environments in catering to your growth

  • Attribution error and what product folks should do to avoid that

  • How to craft a personal story/anecdote and leverage that

  • The three questions every product person should ask their self

  • Lisa's closing remarks about CareerClimb's resources

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The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya
The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya
Aishwarya Ashok