The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya: Remote work, setting team culture, 'work forward' approach

Ft. Marissa Goldberg, Founder of Remote Work Prep. We discuss all things about remote–hybrid times, how workplaces are adapting to the future of work, why people-first approach matters, and more.

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If there’s one phrase we’ve heard over a thousand times in the last two years, it is — remote work. Or say hybrid work. From building and iterating on ideas by pulling out chairs, to virtually looking at each other’s faces on tiles—we’ve done it all. But there’s a whole lot of stuff to think about working with folks across different geographies, time zones, interests. And so many questions to keep us seeking for answers.

Marissa Goldberg is the Founder of Remote Work Prep, a platform that provides services to help teams set up an effective remote work experience. Marissa has been working remotely since 2015 and has managed distributed product team members across 20+ countries.

In this video, Marissa and Aishwarya chat about how every company should prioritize a people-first culture in order to build trust amongst the employees. She shares some real-time examples of how she advised companies to focus on people-first motives.

TFF Chat: Marissa x Aishwarya

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Marissa and I discuss about:

  • How Marissa started working remotely even before it was a thing

  • What people get absolutely wrong about remote work even now

  • Why do teams still go with mimicking physical IRL work in virtual?

  • Building professional relationships outside of the office networks

  • Social events aren't the only part of a team's 'culture' 

  • People-first vs company-first approach: How to prioritize

  • Companies that Marissa advised for people-first goals

  • Struggles that come with managing a global team

  • Balancing async with sync communication

  • High agency folks and burnout: How to deal with it

  • Methodologies, trends, assumptions for remote work

  • The 'work forward' approach for the times to come

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TFF Chat: Marissa x Aishwarya

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Aishwarya Ashok