The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya: Future of builders, founder skills, startup journey

Ft. Sonia Chhinji and Blake Stewart, Growth & Community at Kernal - we discuss everything around idea formation, growing ideas/projects, creator tools accessibility, founder-investor relations & more

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Here’s this week’s update from the The Founder’s Foyer show!

Kernal is the community platform to connect founders, investors and startup ideas. 15,000+ members, 1,500+ startup ideas, they are doing an amazing work in helping creators and builders find success with their project journeys.

Sonia, Blake, and Aishwarya sit down to discuss everything around what makes it interesting for creative folks who look out to building amazing stuff—from no-code tools to helpful communities and resources, the internet is full of inspiration and guidance to step forward and get better at our craft. They also talk about the challenges in running a startup, building sustainable communities, and working towards helping founders in their projects.


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We discuss plenty of stuff:

  • Inception of Kernal as a startup - how did the platform come in?

  • Napkin math of Kernal's founders and how they planned the strategy

  • Why Kernal's philosophy is rooted to supporting ideas 

  • How's Kernal different from Twitter, Product Hunt 

  • Why it's important for creators to share ideas in public

  • How to stay focused on the progress of what you're building

  • Validation of ideas from the community around 

  • What's the biggest hesitation of today's founders?

  • Interesting observations from what excites creators today

  • Using the community support to grow ideas

  • What's challenging about processing customer feedback

  • How they bring in global mentors on the platform

  • What's the future for builders looking like

  • MVPs and creator tools are more accessible

  • How being scrappy really helps when building on ideas

  • How startups can boost their brand with ambassadors

  • Using ambassadors as early beta testers

  • What's in store for Kernal, creator community, and builders

  • How builders across the globe connect and support each other

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