The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya: Product management skills, personal productivity, founder mindset

Ft. Shyvee Shi, Product Manager at LinkedIn. We discuss everything about solving for challenges in the ed-tech space, productivity, non-linear career, finding support for growth, PM skills, & more

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Building and shipping impactful products is definitely the enjoyable part of a product manager’s journey. It’s fun to think about what problems to work on, putting on the founder’s mindset from time to time or working with fellow co-founders on the team. Of course, there are so many challenges to tackle on the way, and as someone doing it on my day job, I can’t agree enough!

So, here's a peer to chat about building products, navigating ideas, and understanding all about this journey. Shyvee Shi, Product Manager at LinkedIn.

She also co-founded the PM Learning Series wherein she chats with product leaders across the globe to share insights for levelling up the product career. She’s a passionate creator and an educator who also just launched a course on productivity for product managers.


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Things we discuss about:

  • Consulting to Product Management - How Shyvee entered the PM space

  • Learnings from non-linear career paths (And how that shaped the PM success)

  • Visual thinking as a key to team communication

  • Tools and techniques for incorporating visual thinking as a PM

  • Challenges in building for the Ed-Tech market

  • User psychology and motivational triggers in product building

  • How TikTok styled content has inspired ed-tech space

  • Top PM skills to get started with [for founder-turned-PM too]

  • The creator journey behind the PM Learning Series

  • How to have a champion circle to help you kickstart new projects

  • Personal productivity: How to manage time and energy

  • Curation and content game: What's ahead for Shyvee?

Check this out:

Shyvee's curation for PMs to help get started with career and growth

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