The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya: Product–founder–channel market fit, building & launching 0-1 products

Ft. Emily Tate, Managing Director of Mind the Product, world’s largest community of product people. We discuss about customer feedback, user research, founder toolkit for launching, & more

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Launching the product you build involves massive effort—not just in terms of shipping, but also figuring out the ways in which your audience finds satisfaction with your product. Do they find value? Of course, it’s important to align your product with the market, especially with the right problems to be solved.

Emily Tate, Managing Director of Mind the Product, sits down with me to discuss product, market, channels, and how to achieve a fit across all of those. 

How to build and launch a product that people find value in? There’s so much nuance to what gets built, what goes out as an experience for the user, and they way they get to interact with the product to solve their problems.


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Emily and Aishwarya chat about:

  • Emily's early path into product, many years ago

  • Establishing a product career when there was no clarity around

  • Building the smallest audience group that believes in our product

  • Why building the product alone is not enough

  • Founder-market fit & channel-market fit [why product-market fit is overrated]

  • What's user experience delight and how to achieve that?

  • Why delight shouldn't cover for a bad product

  • How was product prioritization done decades ago? [Ahead of RICE]

  • What's product sense and how to get better at it?

  • How to conduct effective customer feedback interviews?

  • Things to avoid while looking through customer feedback

  • How external factors play a role with building and launching products

  • Why user research is so dynamic and ever changing with the time

  • Emotional and motivational triggers for products

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The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya
The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya
Aishwarya Ashok