The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya: Community, connections, and growth

Ft. Nazuk Jain, Product Manager at Apple, and Founder of Product Career. Nazuk covers the foundation of community building, how to sustain engagement within a community, how to plan content, and more.

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So you’ve got a great idea and you’ve been building out your initial version of the product. With a little bit of socializing around, you see that people are starting to gain interest in what you are building—what next? Obviously, the thought of building a community is something that’ll definitely cross your mind. But building a community and engaging with your early believers calls for so much dedicated effort that needs to be consistent.

Nazuk Jain is a Product Manager at Apple, and Founder of Product Career, a community with 30k+ people around all the social platforms, and she shares knowledge about early-career product management. This video is around making those connections and investing in a supportive community. A lot involves around planning and growing the community content, and Nazuk rightly breaks down the steps to navigate this journey.

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Nazuk and I chat about:

  • How did building a community for product management begin?

  • When is the right time to build a community?

  • Do tools play an important role in helping founders kickstart a community?

  • How did Nazuk navigate the tools and started building the community?

  • How to consistently build the initial engagement in your community?

  • What validation signals to refer to for growing?

  • How to drive momentum within the community to make people engage with each other?

  • How Nazuk channelized interest from her community to diversify value and improve the offerings

  • The art of product management and why it matters

  • How should community creators plan their growth?

  • Measuring community success and conversion

Nazuk quotes, when asked about the impact of a product management community,

The beauty of product management is just like that. No, it's not one size fits all. There's so many flavors of it, depending on which type of organization you've worked in with type of product you've worked on, and different levels as you grow in your career.

So, I think we need lot more people sharing their journeys within this space, really.

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