The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya: Creator, content economy, and building your voice

Ft. Grace Gong, Founder of Smart Venture Podcast. Grace talks about what it means to transition from her operating role to being a full-time creator, following curiosity, checking content diet, & more

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Here’s this week’s update from the The Founder’s Foyer project!

Grace Gong is the Founder of Smart Venture Podcast, a LinkedIn Top Voice in Finance, and the creator behind a bunch of other projects which we’ll be chatting about. In this video of The Founder's Foyer, we discuss all things creator economy—from how to stay curious and get better by 1% each day to finding your own voice and learning new things along the way of creating a project.

She's also an alum of LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program in the US, and has set up a supportive network for creators to connect and grow with each other's help.

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Grace and I chat about:

  • Being selected for the LinkedIn Creator Program and her learnings

  • Lessons Grace picked up from working with global CEOs and founders for her projects 

  • Her versatile path and how she connects dots between her podcast, book writing, and creator paths

  • Initial entrepreneurial journey and where it started

  • Why the source of inputs is very important for creators 

  • The pressure for keeping up with tech trends and how to go past that

  • Grace's 1% rule to getting better at anything 

  • Why did Grace find the need to write two books and what's different about being an author 

  • What's different about switching from an operator to creator journey—challenges to look for 

  • How should creators find their own voice and leverage that

Grace also quotes,

“I kind of learn throughout the journey. I feel like, um, everybody who are successful are really good at like listening to their inner self.”

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