What's in so far, 2021?

May 2020 (start) to May 2021—a wonderful journey!

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A big thanks for all your support over these many many days! The last twelve months helped me stay consistent with putting into words what I thought, observed, read, and pondered upon; more like a personal diary eventually turned into articles and newsletter. I hope you enjoyed receiving random product musings bi-weekly/monthly. :)

What's in so far, 2021?

Of undone tasks and product(ive) experiences: How do unfinished tasks power the mind to recollect better? And, how does this effect play a role in product teams and customer engagement?

Cooking and creative meandering: This article talks about the benefits of pivoting from the norms, inventing new versions of doing something, and believing in first principles—picking inspiration from cooking.

Observing Horror Vacui and simplicity: Looking into the concept of Horror Vacui beyond visual art and about everyday incidents to connect Horror Vacui with simplicity.

The power of opposite thinking: The kind of opposite that helps us build better products and enjoyable user experiences.

How creating my own sticker helped me revisit product basics: The process of making this sticker helped me recollect and re-learn the journey of building, launching, and distributing a product (and brand).

The two-question approach to product building: What am I doing and what am I not doing?


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